Sometimes I Do What I Say I Will

I’m still deciding which pottery classes I should take.  Right now, this one at the Clay Art Center is winning.  The fact that it’s a 12 session class makes it a strong contender.   I’ll also admit that I’m still intimidated by picking out a loom and a spinning wheel.  And I haven’t even really given much thought to Japanese yet.  But I have started a second item on my to learn list:

Double Knot Practice

Starting at the beginning.

Since my mother remembers nothing of her macrame days, a couple weeks ago I finally cracked and bought a book:

The Macrame Book by Helene Bress

Even though I hate reading directions, I decided I would approach macramé methodically. The book recommends using sophisticated things like “project boards,” but I decided that since Sivvie the Cat has already decided that my mattress is a scratching post, it might as well be a project board, too. Halfway through learning overhand knots, I decided it was time to start with the first project. The book refers to it as a belt, but mine wasn’t really appropriate for much more than a headband.

Macrame headband

Good thing my hair is unruly because I suspect that I’m going to wind up with a lot of “headbands.”

Had I bought some kitchen twine as recommended I’m sure I would have ended up with something heftier, but I decided a while ago that macramé would make good use of odd, leftover bits of yarn. This is a worsted weight acrylic which, from my recollection, is a shade skinnier than kitchen twine. I’m enjoying the rhythm of macramé and the fact that you can have an end product in an hour. You can do this with knitting, but that usually requires needles big enough to land large aircraft. And I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating. And my yarn budget isn’t roomy enough to permit me to go through 20 balls of yarn a week unless it’s Christmas season and there are gifts to be made.

Hat Knit Flat

Several hour hat.

Take this hat as a point of comparison. It’s knit flat because I didn’t have access to DPNs when I started it, so there are slightly slower purl stitches to contend with, but it’s really not that big of an item, the yarn is of average size and the needles (8s) are biggish. Still, this is four hours or so of knitting and I still need to seam it and add some interest to the top. My friend and I decided that it was impossible for pom poms to be manly, so I’m trying to come up with something else. I have ideas, but I think I want to keep it a surprise and my friend is somewhat likely to see this (it’s his yarn, so it’s OK that he sees this much of the hat).

Cross Hatch Scarf

Cross Hatch Scarf

And because my interest in textiles and weaving has only grown over the years, I decided that I wanted to make a scarf that looked a little more woven. I doubt I invented this pattern. It’s more likely that I remembered it from one of my stitchionaries. It’s coming along beautifully, but I must admit that the woven knit stitch is eating up far more yarn than I thought it would so I ran out of yarn. Fortunately, this is the first project in months where this is happened so I think I’m finally getting better. And I was able to pop into P&S Fabrics just as it was closing during lunchtime to snag a couple of balls.  I also got some yarn for a long overdue “thank you” scarf.  I’ll admit that I bought some Vanna White acrylic yarn.  It was nicer than I thought it would be.  And I’ll deny that I bought 10 more balls of yarn for a cardigan that I will finish when and a few more for “thank you” legwarmers.


3 Responses to “Sometimes I Do What I Say I Will”

  1. Penelope Rafiq Says:

    Hi! Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will bookmark this site to return later. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  2. Savanna Alfonso Says:

    A Excellent write up, I will save this in my account. Have a awesome day.

  3. Angela Ang Says:

    Does this book have patterns or instructions to make macrame-covered bottles? Thanks!

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