In Defense of Plant Hangers

Plant hangers

People who think of macramé as nothing but plant holders probably don’t quite understand my fascination with it. Even the handful of people I’ve come across recently with some macramé background largely stuck to really basic jewelry and bags.

I’ve started the second exercise in my book, which is another double knot pattern. This one is a little more structurally complex than the first, but I’m not lost yet.

Double Knot Project Number 2

If I say that’s not cat hair on the sheets will you buy it?

I’m kind of excited to move on to the hitch knot lesson next, since it’s hitch knots that seem to me, at least as a beginner, to allow you to add a lot more fluidity to your work. If you really know what you’re doing you can create things like this:

Malenco, 2003

Earthcrust: Malenco, 2003 by Ed Bing Lee


Earthcrust: Tasmania by Ed Bing Lee

Pragmipedilum - Bing Shan

Pragmipedilum – Bing Shan by Ed Bing Lee

Craft Alliance 2005 Exhibit, Material Content: Basketry Sculpture in the 21st Century

Super Sized

Super Sized by Ed Bing Lee, as seen in FiberArts Magazine (April/May 2006)

There may be no turn of phrase I hate more than “This is not your grandmother’s knitting/crochet,” because many of our grandmothers made beautiful things that we should all be proud of, but I could never have pictured Bing’s macramé world when I was six.

I’m also obsessed with a new piece of wood in my life that isn’t a knitting needle. (My newest knitting needles are, in fact, aluminum and they may or may not have come accompanied by what could or could not have been more than ten balls of yarn). This newest piece is 47 inches of beauty that was too large to light properly, at least in my apartment:


Should I tell the instrument that my neighbors already hate it?

Suzie was right. There was definitely another thing I’d wanted to do for a long time. Play the didgeridoo. I really can’t say when I first heard one, but I always thought of them as being the kind of instruments that were difficult to acquire here. Not for Suzie and her husband Matt (extra kudos to Matt for selecting a didgeridoo that hadn’t been slobbered on by half the bored children in Long Island who were visited Sam Ash all the years these sat on store shelves). The first time I brought it to my lips I most definitely made the wrong sound. And got a mouthful of sawdust. I shortly figured out, though, that the embouchure is the same that trombone players use for pedal tones. I can’t wait until I figure out a few more things. In the meantime, check out this fantastic player:

He appears to be circular breathing, too. Take that Kenny G. I’ve thought it’s about time I learned that, too. It was a fantasy aspiration for a lot of the trombone players I played with when I was younger. I imagine that will go much better than the dancing. Compliments of a salsa meet-up and an introductory lesson, I discovered that I might not partner dance well. I haven’t given up yet, but I’m now scouting for DVDs to watch in advance of taking any more dance classes.


5 Responses to “In Defense of Plant Hangers”

  1. Sarah Hallatschek Says:

    So, I was surfing the internet trying to find step by step instructions on macram`e since I’ve been asked to make holders with handles for my friend’s carboys (he home brews), and I came across your site. Is there anything you have to offer in the advice category? Like maybe a book title I can look for, or simple easy instructions to get me started? I hope I’m not bugging you, I just got all excited at the pictures you posted, it is all so beautiful – I aspire to do those things. 🙂
    Please email me back, since I don’t have an account on this site: I’m also on LiveJournal: daisys_crafts.

    Thank you so much!
    Sarah Hallatschek

  2. ann Says:

    I am looking for instruction on how to macrame string around beads. I saw a necklace and it looked like macrame used on a large bead. Any help?

  3. Caren Says:

    You stole my picture of the three macrame plant hangers and I want it removed immediately…I am the owner of Knotz Made and that is MY picture…You DID NOT ask my permission to use this photo…See the writing on the bottom left of the picture??…Remove it now please.

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