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In Defense of Plant Hangers

January 8, 2008

Plant hangers

People who think of macramé as nothing but plant holders probably don’t quite understand my fascination with it. Even the handful of people I’ve come across recently with some macramé background largely stuck to really basic jewelry and bags.

I’ve started the second exercise in my book, which is another double knot pattern. This one is a little more structurally complex than the first, but I’m not lost yet.

Double Knot Project Number 2

If I say that’s not cat hair on the sheets will you buy it?

I’m kind of excited to move on to the hitch knot lesson next, since it’s hitch knots that seem to me, at least as a beginner, to allow you to add a lot more fluidity to your work. If you really know what you’re doing you can create things like this:

Malenco, 2003

Earthcrust: Malenco, 2003 by Ed Bing Lee


Earthcrust: Tasmania by Ed Bing Lee



Sometimes I Do What I Say I Will

January 4, 2008

I’m still deciding which pottery classes I should take.  Right now, this one at the Clay Art Center is winning.  The fact that it’s a 12 session class makes it a strong contender.   I’ll also admit that I’m still intimidated by picking out a loom and a spinning wheel.  And I haven’t even really given much thought to Japanese yet.  But I have started a second item on my to learn list:

Double Knot Practice

Starting at the beginning.

Since my mother remembers nothing of her macrame days, a couple weeks ago I finally cracked and bought a book:

The Macrame Book by Helene Bress

Even though I hate reading directions, I decided I would approach macramé methodically. The book recommends using sophisticated things like “project boards,” but I decided that since Sivvie the Cat has already decided that my mattress is a scratching post, it might as well be a project board, too. Halfway through learning overhand knots, I decided it was time to start with the first project. The book refers to it as a belt, but mine wasn’t really appropriate for much more than a headband.


My Eyes are Bigger than My Hands

July 31, 2007

Macrame Plant Holders

I grew up in a house overflowing with spider plants and macramé plant holders. I asked my mom at Christmas whether she still had the skills, but she claimed not to remember a thing, so it looks like the internet will have to guide me.

There seem to be halfway decent tutorials online. I have the highest hopes for this one from Handcrafted by Elaine. It’s detailed and the pictures seem clear. I like that, as I look at them, I can visualize what I should be doing. This might change once I get some fiber in my hands.

And for visual reinforcement (as my brain sometimes leaves my body when I’m trying to learn a new craft . . . , I like some of npatroni’s videos: